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Rainforest changes how the world uses energy through innovative grid analytics and intelligent energy management solutions.

What makes us different?

We are the only company that combines comprehensive analysis with effective customer load management solutions to reduce and shift energy usage in homes.

Comprehensive grid analysis

Our platform disaggregates demand to provide previously unattainable levels of understanding and insights to identify and prioritize issues affecting the grid. That means you can

  • Defer infrastructure upgrades
  • Uncover grid issues
  • Mitigate using existing data and customer resources

Continous Optimization

We combine our analytics with real-time data to optimize demand in both individual buildings and across your entire grid.

Grid optimization / coordination

Align grid and customer needs from supply to distribution

Real-time demand management 

Avoid service upgrades and transformer overload

EV managed charging

  • Mitigate EV related grid issues through effective and engaging intelligent managed charging solutions.
  • Applying our platform to EV charging challenges demonstrates the true power of our unique approach.
  • Analytics + Managed Charging + Demand Management Enabled by AI

It’s all in the numbers
Participants would recommend real-time feedback
Up to
Reduction in energy usage
Up to
Reduction in peak load during events
3 years+
Persistent drop in energy usage

Trusted partner

Rainforest has already deployed solutions with utilities and OEMs across US, Canada and Australia.

homes and businesses.

What utilities are saying

Managing vehicle charging moves the electricity usage to off peak times. This reduces the stress on the local transformer and extends the life of our distribution grid, allowing us to defer expensive upgrade

Executive Director

Rainforest has experience working with utilities and it shows. They are prompt and passionate about the work they do, and I know they will continue to do incredible work as the company grows.

Innovation Analyst

Working with Rainforest has been a great experience.  Their team has been extremely  dedicated to moving our project forward and ensuring they deliver a pilot that effectively meets our customers where they are.

Business Development Manager,
Electric Vehicles & Charging