About Rainforest Automation

Here at Rainforest, we believe in powering the world – efficiently.

Our team helps utilities and consumers take control of energy usage and take advantage of the distributed, renewable energy market. Our track record of working in partnership with other companies and various utilities allows us to enhance our customer’s existing digital assets, or build new ones.

Collaborate.  It’s one of our core values.  We build collaboration into our open systems, our team, and how we work with you!

Chris Tumpach
President and CEO
Chris leads the Rainforest Automation team to deliver innovative products and services. His accomplishments in software engineering, integrated circuit engineering, hardware engineering, and web design fuel his leadership and inspiration.
Dave Gagne
Chief Software Architect
Dave transforms the latest in software, wireless and networking technologies into Rainforest products. His technology mastery was built over 20 years with startups and established industry leaders such as West Bay Semiconductor, Mindspeed Technologies, UBVideo, Teradici, and PMC-Sierra.
Bill Richardson
VP of Sales and Marketing
Bill’s specialty is distilling detailed technical characteristics into a concise, commercial value proposition for our customers. He has over 20 years of high tech sales, marketing and engineering experience.
Vesna Mudrovcic
Operations Manager
Vesna manages operations, suppliers and contractors to get Rainforest product manufactured. She brings many years of manufacturing, operations, QA, sourcing and logistics experience in the technology industry to Rainforest.
Jacques Farges
Board Member
Jacques was a co-founder of Rainforest Automation and today its on the board of directors. From a background in mathematics and robotics, he designed process optimization and machine vision systems for industrial plants for 15 years, and also developed virtual simulations of integrated circuit designs for testing.
Yves Farges
Founder of the Qualifirst Group of companies with Canadian roots to 1957, later successful in real estate ventures, Yves has been an active investor in technology oriented towards the massive market of energy management.
Jyotsna Jaswal
With experience in engineering software from our embedded systems, to our big data cloud, Jyotsna uses her full-stack software development background to create reliable real-time systems for our customers.
James Marcellin
James' background in physics, computer science, and engineering empower him to understand and build end-to-end solutions to modern energy management problems.
Argenis Chang
Currently completing his computer science degree, Argenis is a master of making slick easy-to-use front end designs.
Shreya Jain
Currently completing her Computer Science degree with a focus on AI, Shreya helps ensure that our customers get the help they need with our solutions.
Jeff Wang
Currently a Computer Science student at Simon Fraser University, Jeff uses his programming experience to implement test plans and ensure that software solutions are high quality.
Richard Jones
Data Scientist
Richard combines his understanding of human behaviour, training in experimental physics, and proficiency in machine learning to develop novel analytics solutions. His enthusiasm for sustainability drives his passion for changing how we use energy.
Emilia Mesias
UI/UX Designer
Emilia uses her skills to develop immersive experiences for our customers. With a goal of creating simple, user-friendly, and elegant software, Emilia executes all visual design stages from concept to final hand-off to the development team.