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With over a decade of experience in delivering successful energy management solutions, we enable you to stay at the forefront of integrating energy resources. We’ve worked with many different utilities through various challenges. Our commitment to collaborate and adapt to our clients is what enables us to further innovate our services.

London Hydro helps customers save up to 47% in peak electrical demand

Rainforest Automation, a leading energy management and SaaS provider serving utilities and their customers, announced study results that show connected participants of the London Hydro Regulated Price Plan (RPP) pilot achieved an average reduction in critical peak event electrical demand of 39%, and a maximum of 47%, using Rainforest technology and the London Hydro Trickl app.


BC Hydro behavioral demand response program up to 50% reduction in usage

As part of the expansion of the Peak Saver program, BC Hydro approached Rainforest Automation to help with an Enhanced Engagement trial. The goal of the trial was to drive additional demand reduction during events by providing real-time notifications to select participants. Participants for the trial were recruited from the pool of existing Rainforest Automation EAGLE-200 users.