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Rainforest conducted a pilot of our new in-app alert system with BC Hydro as part of their PeakSaver residential behavioral demand response program.  Participants with access to their real-time usage data using our EAGLE-200 gateway were further motivated by real-time alerts on their smart phones to cut back electricity use during times of peak demand on the BC Hydro grid.  What we found was that pilot participants saved up to 50% on their energy use during peak events — considerably more than those who were only notified by email.  Read all the details in our white paper.


We are excited to announce that we’ve moved Rainforest headquarters to our new office in downtown Vancouver.  Our team is busy setting things up to make the office into a smart home that is connected to the Rainforest system.  Our goal is to make your home more energy efficient by using our space as the living lab.  Next time you are in town, stop by for a visit at 827 Cambie.


Leading provider of energy monitoring technology takes aim at the complexity and cost of BYOD programs

Rainforest Automation, Inc. is proud to announce a major extension to its platform and service offering, supported by its partner, Plasmatic Technologies Inc. The new Rainforest Integrated Connected Home (RICH) solution pulls together energy management and the smart home into an intelligent platform designed to help electric utilities execute engaging and effective Demand Side Management (DSM) programs.


EnerTalk app connects to Rainforest Automation EAGLE-200 gateway  

Burnaby, BC, and San Jose, CA – October 9, 2018 –  Rainforest Automation is pleased to announce that it has added EnerTalk, from Encored, Inc., to its list of services supported by its EAGLE Energy Management System. With this addition, EnerTalk customers can get advanced analytics based on their real-time electricity consumption data, direct from their utility smart meter, by simply connecting to their Rainforest EAGLE-200 gateway through the EnerTalk app.


On Friday, March 3, 2017, Rainforest Automation was named to the Rocket Builders 2017 CleanTech list.

“Solar power is disrupting the electricity market. Rainforest’s automated residential power optimization delivers increased revenue per user, expanded addressable market and decreased cost of acquisition to power providers servicing this exciting growth opportunity. Electrification of the transportation and industrial sectors is leading to a dramatic increase in demand in electrical power. This, combined with the daytime and distributed nature of solar generation, is the engine for growth behind Rainforest Automation. Inclusion of Rainforest Automation on the Rocket Builders 2017 CleanTech list is yet another endorsement of the companies strong growth prospects.” said Chris Tumpach, President, Rainforest Automation. “We identify companies that have proven their technology and are positioned well for growth. Our analysis of market trends led to our selection of Rainforest Automation as a Ready to Rocket CleanTech company.” said Dave Thomas, Senior Partner, Rocket Builders.

About Rainforest Automation

Rainforest Automation provides power optimization solutions by transforming consumer IoT devices into grid resources.

About Ready to Rocket

Ready to Rocket is a unique business recognition list that profiles technology companies with the greatest potential for growth. Each year, based on analysis of trends that will drive growth in the Clean Technology sector, Rocket Builders identifies the top private companies that are best positioned to capitalize on the trends for growth. This selection methodology has been an accurate predictor of growth with “Ready to Rocket” companies exceeding industry averages for revenue, employee and investment growth. 

Trademark Notice“Ready to Rocket” is a trademark of Rocket Builders, a respected management consulting firm servicing the technology industry.


Rainforest Automation now allows its existing and new customers with EAGLE gateways to connect with Stringify!  This allows users to setup ‘flows’ which can create an action based on something happening.  For example, if the price of someone’s power reaches a certain level, turn down their thermostat and send an alert.

This connects EAGLE customers into a large IoT ecosystem where they’ll find their favourite products and services.  For more info, look at their blog:


Rainforest Automation announces a portfolio of Demand Response products and services

Burnaby, BC – February 5, 2016 – Rainforest Automation, a developer of energy management technology, announced a new portfolio of products and services to help utilities implement Demand Response programs for their residential and small commercial customers. The Rainforest portfolio leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) and industry standard protocols such as OpenADR, ZigBee, WiFi, and Internet Protocol (IP) to deliver a highly affordable solution that aggregates resources from widely distributed homes and small businesses.

The cornerstone of the Rainforest solution is a new hardware platform, the EAGLE-200™ Intelligent Energy Gateway. It is a successor to the popular EAGLE™ gateway, which is deployed in thousands of homes across the US. The gateway is designed to deliver a variety of functional software modules. These onboard modules constitute another part of Rainforest’s new product portfolio, providing functions such as real-time smart meter monitoring, OpenADR Virtual End Node (VEN), home automation, and remote telemetry collection.

Rainforest is also providing a smartphone app that is the first to combine Home Automation, utility Demand Response opt-out and customized preferences, and smart meter monitoring in a single, user-friendly application. This gives users one place to go to control their SmartHome, and provides a powerful tool for utilities to engage their Demand Response participants.

In addition, the Rainforest portfolio also includes cloud-based services such as real-time demand alerts, a brand-able user web portal, remote device management, real-time Measurement and Verification (M&V), and data warehousing.

“We have employed IoT technology to combine BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) with utility Demand Response programs,” said Chris Tumpach, president of Rainforest Automation. “Our new EAGLE-200™ gateway provides a single point of contact for the utility to control devices in the home, without having to worry about a separate interface for every type of load. Likewise, consumers can use our app and web portal to get home automation as a perk of the Demand Response program – a powerful recruiting benefit.”

While the gateway is connected to the internet and enables a number of cloud services, it is not dependent on the cloud, and can operate independently in the event of an internet outage. This significantly reduces the risk of a failure seen with existing internet-based systems. For utilities equipped with smart meters, the EAGLE-200™ can also connect through the meter Home Area Network (HAN) to provide an alternative communication path for redundancy.

Since the communication between the customer premise and the cloud is two-way and real-time, Rainforest can provide unparalleled insight into the operation of a Demand Response (DR) program. Real-time M&V and Resource Awareness allows “right-sizing” of short notice DR events for revenue protection and maximum operational efficiency.

The Rainforest solution is built on open standards, and is designed to connect with systems from other venders. “Our system has been in utility trials for the last year, and is working with DRMSs (Demand Response Management Systems) from a number of major suppliers,” explained Tumpach. “Even though we offer cloud services, you are not locked-in to the Rainforest cloud. You are free to choose as much of our services as you need, confident in the knowledge that you can use standard interfaces to connect to other systems.”

The Rainforest Demand Response products and services will be available for utility customers in Q2.

About Rainforest Automation

Rainforest Automation helps utilities and their customers manage energy in real time by integrating the Internet of Things into the Smart Grid edge. Our Home Area Network (HAN) devices, software products, and services enable Energy Efficiency and Demand Response programs for utilities, manage commercial demand charges, and provide SmartHome convenience and reduced energy costs for residential consumers.