Compare EMU and EAGLE

EMU-2 Energy MonitorEAGLE Energy Gateway
Connects Automatically to Smart MeterConnects Automatically to Smart Meter
Easy self-install – no electrician requiredEasy self-install – no electrician required
No internet connection neededEthernet or WiFi Internet required
Battery Backup (2 AAA batteries included)Unit must remain plugged in
View usage on built-in screen
Red/yellow/green indicator lights show high, medium, and lower rates of use
View usage on smartphone app or web portal anywhere
View graph of hourly use for today versus yesterdayView data graphs for day/week/month
Overlay graphs for comparison
Can set time period to save running totalsDownload data from web portal to CSV file for offline analysis
Place on tabletop, wall-mount, or use built-in magnets to stick to fridgePlace anywhere inside home with internet access, in range of electric meter
Carry the monitor for doing in-home experimentsUse the mobile app for doing in-home experiments
Stand-alone monitorControl and Monitor additional ZigBee Smart Home devices
One year Rainforest warrantyOne year Rainforest warranty
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