Customer-focused Energy Management

Achieving greater customer engagement

We create and coordinate the programs you need so they all work together seamlessly to achieve the measurable results that minimize the need for upgrades to your grid.

Demand management

Effective demand management means optimizing at both the grid level and the individual building levels. While each of these can be managed independently, the real power comes when they work in concert with one another with both reacting to grid signals in real-time to optimize.

Overall grid

Smart optimization

  • There are times with the overall grid needs to be optimized
  • Dynamically smooth things out on an ongoing basis to make sure total demand doesn’t cause issues


Real-time demand management at the building level

  • More effectively manage the electrical capacity of an individual building or transformer
  • Help customers avoid triggering Demand rates and lower monthly demand charges by keeping peak consumption under control
  • Eagle can wirelessly connect to the building’s meter

Explore Eagle

Enabled by AI

Our ML and AI ensures you understand issues completely and can identify the best ways to optimize at both the grid and individual building levels with confidence and in real-time.

Work with existing programs

Already have some existing programs in place? No problem. Rainforest works really well with whatever you have.

Also work really well with whatever programs you might already have in place to complement and make the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

Energy efficiency programs

What makes us unique is our ability to coordinate the right mix of programs to reduce customer usage. And while each one can be implemented individually, they work best as part of a comprehensive approach that complements whatever programs you have in place today.

More effective programs

Increase the impact of your programs and achieve better your results with our proven technology

Empower customers

Real-time feedback lets your customers take action in the moment and see results as they happen

Easy integration with existing systems

Our collaborative approach means we can integrate your existing web portals and apps into our energy management solutions.