EV Numbers Driving Change

33% increase

average increase of utility bill after getting an EV


Electric Vehicles by 2030


EV news articles mention charging or range


charging stations deployed in the US

Customer-Focused EV Charging

Drivers want to make sure their cars are charged when they need them. Utilities need EV charging to happen when there is more power available. Our platform aligns those needs by shifting charging to when it makes the most sense.

What About Time of Use?

Fixed time-of-use rates are already causing small peaks at various utilities as a result of EVs charging at the exact same time. In addition, time-of-use rates aren’t flexible with the varying output of renewables. Charge cars when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing to minimize the impact on the grid and cut everyone’s costs.

Do I have to Upgrade the Chargers?

Managed charging solutions need to be cost effective, easy to onboard people, and universal. With our ability to use smart meter data with disaggregation, car telematics, or connected chargers, our platform works for all your customers without them needing to upgrade their systems. Scalable – Equitable – Simple.

Avoid Infrastructure Upgrades

EV charger installations require more than just a charger.  Additional costs can include:

  • running a wire from the panel to the charger
  • upgrading the panel to support higher loads
  • upgrading the service from the utility to the home

These costs can add up to over $10,000 for the homeowner.  Rainforest provides real-time energy management that can curtail EV charging when the rest of the things in the home are taking too much power and avoid the need for upgrades.

Don’t Program – Just Plug In

EV Drivers don’t want to think about charging their car, let alone program their cars to charge at different times of the day. With our platform they just need to plug in and we’ll manage the rest. Your customers will save money and be happy that their utility is helping them with their EV experience.

We will find the best place to charge

Finding a suitable public charger is tricky: plugs, speed, cost, location, availability. If you are providing your customers with a perfect solution for managing their home charging, give them that same experience when they’re on the road.

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