EV Managed Charging

Balancing EV loads with customer needs

A comprehensive solution to identify existing grid capacity constraints and mitigate issues through intelligent managed charging.

EV managed charging

Our unique EV Managed Charging approach combines three key components that can work together or be implemented independently.


By understanding where and when EVs are charging across the grid, utilities can better identify existing grid capacity constraints, mitigate grid issues through intelligent managed charging, and plan how to upgrade their grid in the future.

Rainforest’s analytics solutions provide insights that other solutions cannot.

  • Identifying Level 1 EV chargers.
  • Measuring the number of kWh going towards charging.
  • Determining when charging sessions are taking place.
  • Find charging sessions during peak hours (not just at night).
  • Find charging sessions in homes that have solar.
  • Disaggregating additional loads such as heating/cooling, refrigeration, hot water, dryers.
  • Isolating solar generation.
  • Incorporating transformer load data and what contributes to it.

Managed charging

Our EV charging solutions leverage insights from our analytics to create a dynamic model for determining when to charge vehicles that’s both best for customers and optimizes the grid.

  • Coordinate and optimize charging demand
  • Better align EV charging to the existing grid capacities
  • More effectively coordinate with other loads

Demand management

EV charger installations require more than just a charger.  Additional costs can include:

  • Running a wire from the panel to the charger
  • Upgrading the panel to support higher loads
  • Upgrading the service from the utility to the home

These costs can add up to over $10,000 for the homeowner.  Rainforest provides real-time energy management that can curtail EV charging when the rest of the things in the home are taking too much power and avoid the need for upgrades.

One platform works for everyone

Our ability to manage energy usage at the building level means that our platform works for all your customers without them needing to upgrade their systems.

  • All customers can be part of the inclusive behavioral program that uses Meter Data
  • Users with Telematics have a plug and forget experience
  • Users with Connected Chargers have a plug and forget experience
  • Encourage upgrades from the behavioral program to Connected Chargers

Aligns drivers and utilities

We use data from multiple sources to shift EV usage to maximize utility benefits while providing tangible benefits and an improved charging experience for drivers.

Easy to use admin portal

Our intuitive portal provides insights into EV charging across the grid.  Through heatmap analytics, charts, and similar tools, it enhances visibility into how EV charging affects the grid from the perspective of time of the day and intensity. The system can be extended with additional analytics to determine the effects of EVs on transformers, and the contribution of other assets to better understand its grid.

Customer focused

Drivers want to make sure their cars are charged when they need them. Utilities need EV charging to happen when there is more power available. Our platform aligns those needs by shifting charging to when it makes the most sense.


Customers can use our intuitive app to simplify how they manage EV charging. We put everything they need at their fingertips to automate when their cars charge without making them have to think about it.