EMU-2 Energy Monitoring Unit

ZigBee Smart Energy 1.x In-Home Display (ZSE 1.1b IHD)

The EMU-2 is a robust, secure, in-home display (IHD), designed with the consumer in mind. Based on years of user feedback and interoperability experience, the EMU-2 has been deployed by utilities in thousands of homes across the US, and in Canada and Australia.

EMU-2 presents real-time demand (kW), price, energy use (kWh), and even text messages, as communicated by a zigbee-equipped smart meter. This type of instant feedback has been shown to encourage conservation, providing exceptional customer engagement and enhancing Energy Efficiency programs. It also provides an immediate, tangible consumer benefit for new smart meter deployments, and can be a great solution for chronic bill complaints.

The user interface is simple: just two buttons to scroll up and down. With pre-provisioning, there is no configuration, setup, or user instruction required. Peak demand can be monitored via an intuitive traffic-light green/amber/red LED light configuration.
The EMU-2 is radically affordable, and can be purchased in bulk, or your customers can purchase them directly through our online store. Rainforest can even set up a custom store for you, applying instant rebates, pre-provisioning, and complete product fulfilment, with direct-to-consumer mailing – all as a service. There’s never been an easier way to get your customers engaged with their own energy usage!