EAGLE Energy Gateway

Open Platform, Distributed Intelligence

The EAGLE Energy Access Gateway is an intelligent edge device that controls and monitors devices within a residential or commercial building.  It connects directly to the customer’s internet, using either Ethernet or WiFi.
The EAGLE can be self-installed in minutes, and does not require an electrician or a truck roll. It has already been integrated with a number of commercial monitoring, cloud analytics, and energy dashboard services, and has been proven in utility Demand Response programs with major DRMS vendors.
The EAGLE connects using ZigBee, Ethernet, and WiFi to various behind-the-meter devices.  This includes smart meters, hot water tanks, smart outlets, solar inverters, and energy storage systems.  It uses various protocols to achieve this, such as Sunspec ModBus TCP, ZigBee Smart Energy, and proprietary controls and APIs.
Two independent Zigbee wireless networks can be supported:
  • Utility HAN: Communicating directly with an AMI smart meter equipped with Zigbee Smart Energy wireless capability, the EAGLE is an endpoint on the Home Area Network (HAN) formed by the utility meter. It gathers real-time smart meter data to send to the LAN and the internet cloud. Data can be stored in an internal buffer in the event of an internet outage.
  • Control Network: The EAGLE is also the coordinator of its own network; it bridges between utility Demand Response Management Systems (DRMS) and controllable electrical loads in the building.  With an integrated OpenADR 2.0b VEN, no third-party cloud gets in the way of the direct communication with the DRMS. The Control Network gives building occupants the ability to remotely control their Zigbee and WiFi devices through their web browser or our mobile app, and even opt-out of utility events. This benefit aids in recruiting participants in Demand Response programs.