Developer Resources

Are you are a software or hardware developer looking to connect to a Smart Meter? Want to connect to zigbee Smart Energy products without learning the zigbee specification from start to finish? Our expertise can now be yours. With our products and tools, you can get connected to Smart Energy in minutes using our line of products and simple XML interfaces.

Note: Developer information and support is provided on a best effort basis and we make no guarantees about the contents here or compatibilities with third party systems. For paid integration support, please contact sales.


The new EAGLE-200 has several interfaces for developers to connect with. For the original EAGLE, scroll down the page.



This API allows you to access data through our secure cloud interface.  Login using your user portal credentials to get access to your data.
API Free Usage Tier Limits:

  • 10 calls per minute
  • 10,000 calls per month
  • Rainforest attribution required.
  • No commercial use allowed.
  • Contact Sales for other plans

Local API

The local API allows you to control and get data from the EAGLE if you are on the same local network as the EAGLE.

Uploader API

Use this API to stream real-time data to your own server or third party servers.  Data goes directly from the EAGLE to the specified URL.  Configuration of the URL can be done through the settings page on the EAGLE.
For those of you moving from our previous EAGLE, we’ve created some migration notes: