Our Technology

Electrification. powered by AI

Our innovative technology provides the most intelligent and effective approach to managing shifting energy consumption patterns.

A powerful combination

The future for utilities lies in how we maximize the usage of real-time data, machine-learning, and AI. Rainforest Automation leverages these core technological advancements with an engaging, individualized customer experience.

Applied AI for utilities

Until now, most energy management programs involved a lot of people in their everyday operations – creating and dispatching events, forecasting trends, transferring data.  This doesn’t scale in our real-time world of intermittent generation resources that are dependent on the weather, or distributed energy resources.

Our unique AI systems do the work for you and your customers.  With continuous analysis and optimization, we’re constantly balancing the needs of end customers with the needs of the grid.


Our disaggregation technology allows us to fully understand how customers use energy.  We can identify major loads and measure the amount of energy they’re consuming or producing. We can then aggregate that information to analyze how that affects assets like distribution transformers, or even create personalized messaging that recommends what an individual consumer can change to affect their bill.

Our technology works with as little as hourly interval data from AMI or fixed network AMR systems.  From that we can identify AND measure the kWh going towards EV Charging (Level 1 and Level 2), Heating and Cooling, Solar Generation, Hot Water, Refrigeration, and Laundry.


Our technology leverages existing energy patterns, insights from our disaggregation, and other factors like weather and solar irradiance to see into the future.  This technology can be used to forecast how weather will effect energy usage, while also seeing how trends like Electric Vehicle adoption will change in the upcoming years.

Smart Meters

Rainforest has 15 years of experience working with meter data and systems that allows us to work with data from AMR and AMI systems to power our solutions.  This includes:


Our algorithms can work with hourly, 15 minute or 5 minute interval data to drive insights into your customers and your grid.

Next Generation Meters

For meters like Riva™ or Revelo® with support for third-party apps, we can deploy our edge intelligence right in the meter.


With our optional EAGLE edge gateway, we can pull up-to-the second data from Smart Meters equipped with ZigBee Connectivity wirelessly.

Backend Integration

With our OSPREY system, we’ve built a secure way of communicating with metering systems like Landis+Gyr’s Command Center.


Our solutions connect to data and control using a variety of protocols by leveraging our cloud connectivity as well as our edge device, the EAGLE.

Wired and Wireless

Ethernet, WiFi, 802.15.4


OCPP, ModBus TCP, ZigBee Smart Energy, ZigBee Home Automation, OpenADR

API Support

Cloud-to-Cloud, Local-to-Local, Local-to-Cloud using REST, Streaming, Kafka, Websocket, MQTT, Vehicle Telematics.

Targeted demand management

Use demand response as a non-wires alternative (NWA) by having direct access to every load. Connect to your existing DRMS or DERMS with OpenADR 2.0b and get real-time M&V with support for behavioral and automated programs.


Rainforest’s unique technology is supported by patents or patents pending covering our differentiated approach to solving the world’s energy problems.  This includes our AI and ML, technologies that are used in everything from disaggregation to demand management.

Flexible User Interfaces

Technology needs to connect with its end users. That means both successfully onboarding new devices, but also engaging them with insightful data, analytics, and recommendations.

Our customizable end-user apps and portals are built on scalable cross-platform technologies like React and Flutter.  This allows us to provide native app or browser-based experiences that work across a variety of platforms.