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The future for utilities lies in how we maximize the usage of real-time data, machine-learning, and AI. Rainforest Automation leverages these core technological advancements with an engaging, individualized customer experience.

Real-time Home Energy Management

Monthly on-bill comparisons and historical web portals tell customers about the past.  To make change today, you must tell them what they’re doing right now.  Empower your customers to make an impact on their energy footprint with real-time feedback.

Machine Learning & AI

Be at the forefront of innovation by leveraging machine learning and AI to provide timely advice when it’s needed (and even automate the energy-saving actions!).

Voice Assistants

A third of the population uses voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant every month. Create enhanced customer engagement by giving descriptive and contextual responses based on real-time information, not static data.

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Targeted Demand Management

Use demand response as a non-wires alternative (NWA) by having direct access to every load. Connect to your existing DRMS or DERMS with OpenADR 2.0b and get real-time M&V with support for behavioral and automated programs.

Automated Provisioning and Fulfillment

Online marketplaces are a proven deployment strategy for consumer programs.  Rainforest’s OSPREY system carries this one step further by integrating automated provisioning of smart meter connected (HAN) devices along with e-commerce to provide a superior customer experience and lower program costs.


Using existing utility meter data, our algorithms determine what is using energy in each home and when. We can then turn that into insights and recommendations for utilities and their customers.


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